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Hey tiny dancer it's PROM time with "Switch On" [Premiere]

Ahh high school. So far back yet realistically, not really. One thing I do remember quite vividly is the fact that not one good song was ever played at any dance in my career as a teenager. Good thing revitalization is the key to starting trends, as Brooklyn duo PROM swoops in today with a new single, "Switch On."

Apparently versatility is key when performing vocals, and Ella Zoller and Gabriel Stanley take bravado to a new level (hopefully that's not too cheesy, they truly are beautiful lyricists). They've cultivated their own take on what fans are calling "dream" pop, and their combination of modern percussion with reverb onslaught is a soundscape of hypnotism. 

Their last single "Flickers" premiered on Billboard, showing widespread agreement among pop enthusiasts that these two are a gem. Now signed to Ghost Beach's Crazy Heart Records, they'll soon find their newest releases amongst pop artists like CHVRCHES and Misterwives (I hope, again).

 PROM's debut EP Keeping Company is due out in a week, October 14. Stay tuned.



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