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Get your fill from Knife & Fork's remix of "Spring Bloom" by The Morning Birds [Premiere]

The Morning Birds is a indie band with a less than traditional style. It's not to say that they're out of this world crazy, but they definitely have an established persona and sounds that are quite unique to themselves. A mix of folk, pop, and psychedelia gives The Morning Birds their own big chirp in the indie music scene. 

Recently, they have been gearing up for their next EP release called Bloom, a conceptual project involving remixes by other artists. Each remix is supposed to reflect a certain time of the season such as Indian Summer, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Today, we give you a first look at their latest remixed single of "Spring Bloom", courtesy of Knife & Fork. Knife & Fork is a collaborative project consisting of several DJs and producers who focus on music made for the dance floor. 

So what do you get when you clash the indie folk style of The Morning Birds and the dance oriented Knife & Fork mindset? Well, it would actually surprise you. The remixed version oozes reggae and jazz influence, while the song as a whole is kept relatively clean of over-saturated electronics. The original version boasts a heavier use of effects, though Knife & Fork keeps the foundation of the song very much intact.

Chew it up below.

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