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FKA Twigs sits on her throne and towers over her subjects in new video, "Two Weeks"

The always innovative and fabulously talented FKA Twigs is looking to rattle the industry and listeners with her debut album, LP1. Due out August 12th, it follows her critically acclaimed two EP's, which helped to develop her left-of-center style and writing. Never does she feel beholden to follow the rules of traditional or modern r&b. Instead, Twigs has refined a sound that cannot be traced back to any singular source or is found in mass quantities today. A seductive blend of atypical beat patterns, vocal distortion, low-end domination, and lyrics filled with double entendres, her music continually pushes the boundaries to reveal what can be done, with a little ingenuity. 

Twigs has returned, to the delight of all fans, with a brand new single and an accompanying set  of visuals. "Two Weeks" maintains her tradition of explicitly sexual lyrics that transcend their simple meaning on face value. She plays the temptress at the start, egging her partner to say the magic words and fall into the lust; then towards the end she re-establishes the fact that she controls the situation, withholding her body and causing him or her to desire her profusely. While all this is going on, Twigs somehow manages to showcase a much more pop friendly sound, partially thanks to Clams Casino, who produced the track. It is a beautiful record all around, especially with the gorgeous crescendo leading into the chorus.

Nabil did an incredible job working with Twigs to develop the video. The singer looms large on a throne, in what looks like an ancient Mediterranean or Egyptian queen's court room, where her tiny subjects dance around her. What is incredible about the video though, is how all of the dancers and the giant Twigs are not following the same choreography, but happen to fall in sync at various moments. Each freezes before a powerful move or right before the chorus hits, which can be physically felt. It is hard not to fall in love with the wild theatrics, especially with a super-sized Twigs staring down the camera the entire time.

Stay tuned for more information on LP1, which hits store shelves soon. FKA Twigs doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon and we are happy to witness all of her progression. Definitely check out her previous EP's, if you haven't already. 

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Corinna Asuncion
Corinna Asuncion
4 months ago

Did you hear about what's happening with FKA Twigs? I guess it sounds like she's taking Shia Lebeouf to court! The abuse she's claiming sounds pretty bad. Why can't people just get along?