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Doctor Jeep & Lean Low present "MDME" Featuring Emira [Premiere]

June is really shaping up to be another great month musically. Doctor Jeep and Lean Low have teamed up together to release "MDME," which blends the UK bass sounds with a slight global club music-esque style that blends perfectly together to bring both intensity and emotion into the picture. 

It reminds of A-Trak's "Like the Dancefloor," if all the theatrics of it all was taken out and replaced with the progressive sounds of the underground world. This track is gritty and raw, and the stunning vocals of Emira are the perfect way to balance the song overall. They've apparently got a full EP on the works, and if this song is any indication, their EP is going to be a summer-must have. 

Make sure to snag this one on June 2, out via Bad Taste Records


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Doctor Jeep and Lean Low


  • Bad Taste Records
  • June 2, 2014
Electronic · Post-dubstep


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Darkstorm / Lean Low
6 years ago

@doctajeep bigup! it's out on @BadTasteFam this Monday :)