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Froxic stays all in one piece with the release of 'Fracture'

Plasmapool officially has a prodigy in The Netherlands's JM Versteeg. Producing under the name Froxic, he's had a few remixes that have caught our ear, along with the single "Synesthesia" that was released ahead of his Fracture EP earlier this year. But this week Fracture is officially released, letting his talents in electronic production really shine.  Building a bridge between electro house, progressive dance, hip hop and indie electro, Fracture is quite a statement piece. From the punchy, mesmerizing synths in "Cacophony" to gorgeous vocal sampling and calming progressive synths in "Floating Point," the EP is a well-rounded exploration into a post-genre electronic music world. Check it out below.


Fracture EP

  • Plasmapool
  • PLASMA103


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