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Grumby "Used To Want You" [Video]

GRUMBY have released their latest music video for their track “Used 2 Want U”. This piece is slightly different from their past videos, featuring a mystery girl, and an enigmatic gorilla love connection, adding complex layers that fit the track’s melodic flourishes.

The duo’s fondness for New York is apparent; the video features adventures that weave through comforting constants of city and Brooklyn with brownstone stoops and moody subway stops. Director Key10's flickering visuals are kaleidoscopic, conceptually, but cut clean, throbbing to the song.  There's a final rooftop reveal that speaks to the layers of daydream that are signature for a GRUMBY track and video, which we're eager to see more of in the near future. Thankfully, the duo is coming out with an intimate remix to Joey Dosik's "Inside Voice" that we can look forward to this month, and a full EP by the end of the summer. Watch their video below and stay tuned for more from GRUMBY.





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