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Touch Tone quits corporate to Dive In and "Let Go"

Our elders call us lazy, spoiled, and unappreciative, but what have they left us? A destitute economy with debt we never asked for and have no way of repaying. Money is hoarded and wealth is devalued as our society has lost sight of what happiness means. Not Andrew Verner. He knows firsthand how deluded we've become as a result of the carrot-and-stick, hard power nature of money these days. Leaving his L.A. bank job to pursue music full-time, we mark Touch Tone down as one of the good guys in this story. 

People say "don't leave your 9-5 until you're absolutely ready", but what does "ready" look like? Well it probably has a mesmeric synthy foundation backed by a funky bass line held together by the vocals of an undiscovered talent. "Ready" sounds like that one Finger Eleven song, like dedication and commitment to something you love while understanding the consequences of failure and doing it anyways. Touch Tone is "ready". His music is "ready", and his established catalogue and promising potential is "ready".

Listen to his summery upbeat remix of Dive In's "Let Go" and see firsthand what we mean. Though a strong departure from his father's 80s metal band, Andrew's sound is heavily rooted in nu disco and indie funk. The natural swing in his music gets you grooving and swaying to the bass line, leaving you in a better mood than when you arrived.

Keep your eye on Touch Tone and you won't be disappointed.

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Dreamwave · Funk · Indie · New Wave


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