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We're into Secret Colours as much as they are "Into You" [Video]

Chicago's little-known four-piece indie rock band, Secret Colours, have made it their business of fusing the clean guitar riffs of '60s psych rock with the feedback-riddled serenity of '90s Britpop. When four of the initial six members left after releasing their second album, it was up to singer/guitarist Tommy Evans and drummer Justin Frederick to keep the dream alive. Enlisting the talents of Eric Hehr on bass and Mike Novak on guitar, the reincarnated Secret Colours is back with another psychedelic music video, this time for their tune "Into You".

The initial listen draws strong ties to Cake's "Short Skirt/Long Jacket", but other notable salutes quickly surface. For example, you may have noticed a short riff from Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" thrown in there. Similarities aside, "Into You" and its accompanying video preserve the band's dedication to the rock of their forefathers while distinguishing them from other modern indie groups. Hopefully they garner enough support to afford them a spot in the festival circuit.

If you're familiar with the band or simply enjoyed "Into You", you'll be delighted to hear that Positive Distractions Part II is set for release on April 29, 2014.

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