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Kai Alcé keeps vinyl deep for Record Store Day with 'NDATLTD' EP

This weekend for Record Store Day, Kolour LTD, the Houston/Detroit all vinyl label, sank a deep Kai Alcé release onto store shelves.

A player in Detroit’s original house and techno scene, Alcé’s tale is tied to The Music Institute, the much-memorialized '80s Motor City club owned by Chez Damier, where at 16, Alcé did the lights. It’s a rare start and immersion that led to impeccably deep taste. His distinctively laidback swing, and NDATL Muzik imprint, which bridges the sounds of NYC, Detroit, and Atlanta (the three places Alcé has lived) have made for a modest, two-decade career of vintage soul to swoon over.


This release brings three tracks of loose sounding luxury. Alcé saunters through super sunny keys, vivacious vocal chants, and dewy guitar plucking to arrive at something lightweight and blue sky as ever. You can stream “Be-Bop” below, and preview “Ahh!” and “Spring – KZR’s Main” via Soundcloud, before picking up your exquisitely color-marbled vinyl, available April 19 at a record store near you. 


Stream: Kai Alcé - Be-Bop


Dance · Deep House · House


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Kai Alcé
7 years ago

Thanx for the nice review! Respect!