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Pennybirdrabbit's "Maybe" is a certainty

LA’s Pennybirdrabbit is an up-and-comer. She’s done studio time with The M Machine and sang on Skrillex’s “All I Ask Of You.” Her sound has certainly matured, leadened by a touch of melancholy, and as engaging as ever. Her most recently release, “Maybe,” is from her upcoming release for love EP, dropping with OWSLA / Big Beat Records.

Opening with choir vocal cut-ups and bit resolution beats, “Maybe” is an immediate attention grabber. Delayed and reverbed vocals take flight, and these samples fade away beneath the track. The central bridge has wonderful synth clattering on top of a rain backdrop. The bassy kick drums and ethereal female vocals are reminiscent of Purity Ring.

“Maybe” is certain to get in your head and stay there.





  • OWSLA / Big Beat Records
  • 2/11/2014




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