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Listen to this 3 minute cover of the best of Outkast, "Moves Like Ms. Jackson"

I saw this track floating around and it really blew me away.  It's called "Moves Like Ms. Jackson" and is a 3 minute cover/mashup of some of the biggest Outkast tracks ever over a groovy post-dub beat.  

Rumour is it’s something Disclosure made and somehow fits into Coachella which makes sense considering both them and Outkast share the bill.  Except those sound like live covered vocals, not samples, so I’m not so sure.  At the very least they’ve got someone doing an awesome feature.   We'll be looking into it more but until then it will remain a mystery...

Unless you, our readers, can help us out!  Take a listen and let us know what you think.

Download: - Moves Like Ms Jackson.

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