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SPEAK has spoken with "Be Reasonable, Diane" [Download]

The Austin quartet, SPEAK, have been around since 2008. They had their debut release, I Believe in Everything in late 2011. Recently announcing a leg of touring with RAC in mid-to-late March, they released their track “Be Reasonable, Diane” as a free download.

“Be Reasonable, Diane” has the synth pop styling of Vampire Weekend. Massive percussion ornamented with industrial clinks serve to create scope within the track. The song opens with a fray of instrumentation, followed by a vacuum of sparse drums and bright vocals. The guitars crack like whips and pop like Phoenix. The structure here is really sensible. For all its ornateness and size, the track is never overwhelming; the confessional vocals, filtered guitars, and bridge do a lot of legwork for creating infectious pop you don’t have to feel guilty for enjoying.




"Be Reasonable, Diane"



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