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We Were Evergreen puts a twist on Greek mythology with "Daughters" [Video]

French band We Were Evergreen is a band you should keep watch on. With lead vocals that sound undeniably like Ben Gibbard, the trio would please any fan of The Postal Service or Death Cab for Cutie. They also have a cute and infectious electronic pop approach that might bring up thoughts of Metronomy. For their newest single, warm vocals, xylophone sounds, and syncopated rhythms put a cheery spirit on a concept that actually seems quite dark.   

Together as We Were Evergreen, Michael Liot, Fabienne Debarre, and William Serfass exhibit a thoughtful and intelligent approach to their music. “Daughters” was inspired by the story of the Danaids from Greek mythology. The fifty daughters of Danaus, the Danaids, were to be married. Instead, all but one of them murdered their future husbands. As retribution for their actions, the daughters were punished with the eternal task of filling up a leaking tub. The song uses repetitive beats and melodies to parallel the endless nature of the theme.

The “Daughters” music video, directed by Dominique Rocher, also incorporates the Daniads myth and features a number of girls stuck in different movements. Shot in one take in a single room, the girls are doing a multitude of mindless actions like nailing a picture to the wall, climbing in and out of a box, going to the bathroom, and of course there’s one girl filling a tub. Props to the girl that had to hula hoop. If that were my task, I would have ruined the whole video.

We Were Evergreen announced that their debut full length will be released via Island Records in the spring of 2014. Ahead of the album, their single “Daughters” is set to release on March 3rd. Until then, enjoy the catchy new track and its impressive music video below. 

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