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Be a "Digital Wintess" to St. Vincent [Video]

St. Vincent releases the video for "Digital Wintess," the second single off of their soon to be released self-titled album. Annie Clark's blown out white hairdo imidiately catches your attention within seconds of the clips opening. The video also features a unique pale green and yellow color scheme, which gives the feel of being in the future or some galaxy far away. People dressed in pale green and yellow jump suits march around the strange out of this world backdrop.

Apparently, Clark created "Digital Witness" because "she wanted to make a party record you could play at a funeral." I'm not sure if this track will be played at any funerals, but it's defiantely a unique party tune. St. Vincent's self-titled album is the follow up to Love This Giant, an album she created with the Talking Head's David Byrne. St. Vincent will be available for purchase on February 24th.

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