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Gordon Raddei knocks our socks off with new single, "Encore"

Gordon Raddei has graced the ears of Techno enthusiasts once again with a new single from Frequenz-Wechsel. The young artist from Germany shows off his own take on fast paced angry techno. The one tracker shares similar tones to that of previous EPs with advanced panning techniques and ambient soundscapes being the highlight. Raddei’s ability to create subtle textures and ominous synthesizer sweeps that creepily resemble owls moaning in the night. The future of electronic music seems bright when you hear artists blending the boundaries of computer generated noise and real life sound we experience in nature. The track is called "Encore" and boy will he deserve after this one drops in a club. Catch Gordon Raddei at the Frequenz-Wechsel showcase in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Stream: ="http://files2.earmilk.com/upload/mp3/2014-01/_Encore_Original_Mix--EM0114.mp3">Gordon Raddei - Encore (Original Mix)


Gordon Raddei


  • Frequenz-Wechshel
  • January 30th 2014
Dance · Techno


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