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Jacuzzi's "Exodus" prolonged buildup is worth every second

Jacuzzi, the eighteen year old producing phenom, might be young, but he already possesses all of the marks of a good salesman. Typically, in a modern electronic song, the drums are introduced around the thirty second mark, for fear of losing listeners interest. Every once in a while, a brave soul ventures out into the minute long mark, praying that his or her faithful followers will stay true and solider on, rather then turning the song off. However, Jacuzzi laughs at the notion of going at someone else's pace, he drops the beat when he feels like its needs to, and not a second before. His intuition is remarkably on point, as no matter how long one waits, his music still works.

If you were having any doubts, give his track "Exodus" a "quick" listen. The first half of the song shares zero similarities with traditional trap music; instead, an extensive and triumphant orchestra sample greets listeners. It is a snail pace build, but the deep horns and beautifully played strings, keep you interested and curious to see where he is going. Then, right when you think, "why am I listening to this foolishness", the bass drops right from beneath you, hi hats are thrown  like darts right to your face, and synthesizers creep into your brain. It is a fantastic pay off, one that will keep you hooked; welling to come back and listen to two minutes of epic classical music to get some. 

"Exodus'" accompanying video incorporates Jacuzzi's varied interests all blended together. It is a compilation of scenes from anime, classic film, psychedelic imagery, and models, all filtered through a VHS aesthetic. The way they visualize the buildup is interesting, and seeing Goku going supersaiyan when the beat drops makes watching totally worth it.

You can pick up "Exodus" and the rest of the Mizu EP on his website, but he also shares a fair amount of tunes on his soundcloud.

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