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Al-Doe is living the good life on "All I Care About"

Do you need anything more than money, clothes and girls to live a bountiful life? Bronx rapper Al-Doe has these things in his possession and it seems like everything is working out for him. "All I Care About," with its potent drum sounds and brooding piano piece, is a throw back to the mafioso raps started by the legendary Kool G Rap. Touching on everything from rollies to chicken satays, Doe murders the Chase and Cash beat with his braggadocios rhymes and Spanish phrases and even manages to pay homage to the legendary Groove Theory on the hook.  It's over the top, glamorous and extraordinary, and we're enjoying every minute of it.

  "All I Care About" is the first track from Al-Doe's upcoming EP, Keys of Heaven, which should be released sometime next month. If there is one thing we can bank on this year, it is that we'll have a plethora of hot tracks from the Bronx.




All I Care About

  • January 28th, 2014




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