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Edward Newgate brings melodic trap with "The Great Ashby" [Download]

Edward Newgate came out of nowhere last year along with his label supporters Yunizon Records and they have both been bringing out quality tracks since. The London based producer started making a name for himself with some pretty impressive nu disco tracks and has decided to showoff his skills as a producer early on with the trap track "The Great Ashby". Taking beloved signatures of the genre such as pitched vocal samples and triplet hi hats and blending them with his natural ability for creating soul shattering chord patterns has resulted in a mesmerising and melancholy piece of electronic music. However, Newgate may still have his bearings firmly set in nu disco as he winks to the genre with beach inspired bongo rhythms and some choppy guitar in the break. "The Great Ashby" is just one of the many tracks on Yunizon Records new compilation Milky Waves Edition and it would behoove you to keep this label in the back of your mind as they continue to support emerging artists pushing forward electronic music. 

Electronic · Trap


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