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Discodromo's "Boi" makes the ceiling drip on Phonica compilation

Opened in 2003, London’s most regarded dance emporium/label, Phonica Records, is set to release a 33-track compilation to mark their first decade. Ten Years of Phonica features new and old masters, cult favorites, and party virtuosos, including Berlin based Italians, Discodromo. Known equally for their queer night, CockTail d’Amore, and regular appearances at Berlin’s Panorama Bar, this duo drops disco-inclined gems to onslaughts of dark tech house with a devotion to the dance floor.

“Boi” verges closer to Discodromo’s sinister house side. Delayed, atmospheric synths, foggy and frigid as dry ice, smear atop a rummaging and reverberating bassline. The track’s murkiness is deepened with downcast murmurs, waning more wistful still by a swirl of cathedral chorals. Made for night's lost hours, “Boi” falls between the cracks of deviance and repentance, beginning in an abrasive pound, floating upwards, but ultimately keeping us grappled to a soiled grind.

Strong and diverse artists like Discodromo are what will make Ten Years of Phonica a future classic, out on vinyl, digital, and CD February 17th

01. Joe Claussell – Them Days Are Gone
02. Henrik Schwarz – Synthphonica
03. John Morales – Sitting In The Dark
04. In Flagranti – Outsider House
05. Raudive – Health
06. Trevor Jackson – RGBPM 3
07. Red Rack'em & Medlar – Morning Light
08. Loshea – Home
09. Moire – Solar Signs
10. STL – Freaky Fingers
11. Roman Flugel – Giant Talking Vegetable
01. I:Cube – Chemise Africaine
02. Juju & Jordash – Quneitra
03. Joakim – Eahr
04. Massimiliano Pagliara – It's A Lately Thing
05. Legowelt – Lovecraftiannature
06. Discodromo – Boi
07. DJ Kaos – Bufflo Dub
08. Mr G – My Thursdayz
09. OL – AMC Edite
10. Lady Blacktronika – Gods And Planets
11. Panoram – Alpha Marmara
12. Psychemagik – Triumph Of The Gods
01. Iori – Moon (Steve Moore Remix)
02. Polymath – Sad City
03. North Lake – Marlborol Noir
04. Midland – Play The Game
05. Special Request – Deflowered (Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup Remix)
06. Bob Holroyd – African Drug (Four Tet Remix)
07. Iori – Grit (Skudge Remix)
08. Lord Of The Isles – Forkx
09. The Draughtsman – Fade To Green
10. Sandro Perri – Love And Light (Tom Croose Remix)




Ten Years of Phonica, "Boi"

  • Phonica
  • 17.02.14

Dance · Deep House · House


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