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Renaissance Man – "Hard Feeling" (M.E.S.H. Variations)

Flashing forward with a sound that flows confidently and unsubdued, Finnish-German duo – Renaissance Man – hand over two flavorful variations of their track "Hard Feeling". Taken from the well-received EP, Early Man, the two put to the test reinterpretations provided by M.E.S.H. that surely spin out the original to a new degree of direct and slow-burning rhythms ranging from trip-hop to the usual dubby tones we are used to finding in their music. As was the case with Early Man, this one goes out under their own Black Ocean imprint they curated in 2013, and it's smoothly inviting (to say the least).

STREAM:Renaissance Man – Hard Feeling (M.E.S.H. Promiis Mix)

Squeezing out the hauntingly tropical vibe of the original, the Promiis Mix centers in on an industrial atmosphere that leans more on an upright experimental daze where the phonetic awakens the psyche a bit. As the sounds slither in and around the track's plane, the feeling of slow-paced entry to what's next comes almost unexpectedly. The G.A.U.S.S. rendition has a choppier demeanor with thrusting subs that echo around the ear buds placidly. Running a bit shorter than 4 minutes, this mini sampler has a whole bunch of personality that stimulates the senses in its brief and equally snazzy lifespan. Another solid double header for the Black Ocean catalog.

STREAM:Renaissance Man – Hard Feeling (G.A.U.S.S. Mix)


Renaissance Man

"Hard Feeling" (M.E.S.H. Variations)

  • Black Ocean
  • 2014-01-13

Electronic · Experimental


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