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Quincy Vidal - "Pillow" [Music Video]

After linking up in 2009 during their freshman year of college at SUNY, the duo known as Quincy Vidal  found their inspiration in jazz, funk, classic hip hop and beyond, translating it into their own unique form of musical expression and style. Composed of Le'Asha Julius and Caleb Eberhardt the talented act released their first album in 2010, entitled Cookin' in Brooklyn, and since then things have only been on the upswing for the pair; they've steadily been gaining a larger audience, got the chance to open for the one-and-only Kendrick Lamar, and released another  independent album, Sentimental Moods, containing 15 tracks of cool, calm ,and collected lyricism and instrumentation in November of 2012.

A pheromonal collection of beat, word and melody, "Pillow," the sixth track on their latest album and the video for it, which saw its premiere on VIBE, is below. Directed by Nick von Gremp, the 4 minutes of visual and audial entertainment is inspired by both Quincy Vidal's specialty in live performance as well as the warehouse party scene in Brooklyn, known for its ability to bring musicians and live music together to create the ultimate collective jam session. The video is not only full of epic pillow fights, thoughtful cuts, and interesting transitions, it also features cameos from a handful of up and coming, but more importantly impressive, musical talents like Madison|LST, Kiah VictoriaNatNaiel, and Bobby Generic.

Said to invoke the spirits of groups like Digable Planets and A Tribe Called Quest, Quincy Vidal seeks to bring back elements of the golden age of  90's hip hop and R&B in their rhymes and rhythms, and I would say they're doing a pretty good job at it.  They've got an upcoming album, Utopia|LDZ, in the works, but until that comes out, you can catch "Pillow" and the rest of their album collection on bandcamp. 


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