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Cashmere Cat - "With Me" (Spazzkid Remix) [Premiere]

Cashmere Cat fans around the world rejoiced when the Norwegian producer began to drop pieces of his upcoming EP for the rest of the world to hear. While tracks were showing up in podcasts and sets, it wasn't until "With Me" was officially posted on his Soundcloud that people got to finally hear the new shift the artist was moving toward. 

However, what is even more interesting is the surge in remixes of the song that came afterward. Like a large wave, the scattered nature of the original opened the dam for creatives everywhere to edit and make their own. Enter one of LA's favorite, Spazzkid, into the mix. 

His version of "With Me" streamlines the scattered style of the original and brings a focus. Combining light noises of the xylophone and straying away from the dramatic highs and lows, this version is much better suited for the calm and mellow weather of the LA sunshine.

This remix stays true to the overall tone, style, and goals of the young Cashmere Cat but brings Spazzkid's melodic and entrancing touch into the feel os the song. A perfect track to start the morning or close out the evening, this track is perfect for the soft air and warm breeze. 


Cashmere Cat

With Me (Spazzkid Remix)

  • January 14, 2014


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