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Black Dave - "Wadadadang" (Feat. Bodega Bamz) [Video]

The resurgence of NY rap music over the past couple of years have proven to be fascinating for those of us that watch the rap world. The style and grace, so to speak, have remained the same as the days of Biggie (or even much before that), but with a new fire and drive from the young stars of today. From the Pro Era Kids to Flatbush Zombies, the flow is smoother, stronger, and stranger, than ever before.

Yesterday Billboard premiered Black Dave's music video for "Wadadadang," which also brought forth Bodega Bamz, proving to be the ultimate East Coast double threat. Over a slow, sizzurpy beat, the two go back to back, with rhymes as smooth as silk. Paired with their obvious talent in rhymes and flow, the visuals are equally stunning, as it follows Black Dave through the streets of New York. 

With sick lines, memorable repeat of "Wadadadang" (in the background), and amazing visuals, the two rappers have highlighted that New York's recent rise in the hip hop world has no intentions of slowing down yet. 

This track is off the Black Bart Mixtape, which is out now


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Black dave

Wadadadang (Feat. Bodega Bamz)

  • January 13, 2013

Hip-Hop · Rap


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