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Jon Phonics & Tabanca - Domino Effect [EP Premiere]

We've started 2014 on a musical high, with a vast array of dope releases for us to turn our ears to, and it seems that the music gods give us better and better offerings with each passing day. Today's benefaction comes from a talented London-born producer and his mysterious, yet equally talented, counterpart, and what they're bringing to us is quite outstanding.

Step forward gifted Glasgow-based producer and DJ Jon Phonics and the curious but alluring Tabanca, who have come together to create the Domino Effect EP. This three-track EP is easily one of the most soulfully delicate yet overwhelmingly gritty releases that 2014 has had to offer thus far. With Phonics' roots lying heavily in hip-hop, funk, and grime, he's been bringing those influences across to the electronic world within his own releases, and building up a name for himself in the process. The impact of these influences shines through on the Domino Effect EP, with each track being blessed with deep 808s and heavy basslines while still keeping electronic elements such as glitchy sounds and eclectic beats intact.

Alongside the fantastic beats that Jon Phonics has created, the soul-drenched vocals of Tabanca are another important element of the Domino Effect EP. While I couldn't find out much about this mysterious vocalist (apart from the fact she's a Trinidadian Londoner), she more than makes up for the lack of information with her performance across all three tracks on this project. As she gently croons her way over each musical backdrop, she displays all the traits of the best vocalists, from her breathtaking melodies to her outstanding vocal range. Even the way in which she rides the beat so subtly is almost perfect, as she controls her voice beautifully, not making anything drab or boring.

The title track, "Domino Effect", has a more aggressive vibe to it than the others on this project, as profound basslines interlock with glitchy bleeps to create the most atmospheric track taken from the EP. "Mind Games" is, in my opinion, the most relaxed track, as soft synths interact with the gentle tone in Tabanca's voice with ease. "With Direction" falls in between the more angsty tones of "Domino Effect" and the chilled out sounds of "Mind Games", and the track is perfectly balanced between energetic bass and nonchalant synth work.

Separately, these two artists would be classed as brilliant, but put them together and they are simply magical. As Jon takes care of the bass rich beats and setting the mood, Tabanca swoops in and adds her own soulful touch to the mix, creating one of the most easily enjoyable releases of this short year so far. You can stream the Domino Effect EP below, and the project is available to buy on iTunes now. The remixes EP, featuring the likes of Pedestrian, Slugabed and U, which will be available from January 20th alongside a vinyl release.

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Jon Phonics artowkr resized

Jon Phonics

Domino Effect EP

  • Push And Run
  • 20th January, 2014
Bass · Electronic · Exclusive · R&B


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Push & Run
7 years ago

Brand New Music...“: #EARMILK : Jon Phonics & Tabanca - Domino Effect [EP ... - http://t.co/ladHp67XMS @JONPHONICS @pushandrun_uk”

7 years ago

“: #EARMILK : Jon Phonics & Tabanca - Domino Effect [EP ... - http://t.co/8fEUo8CJES @JONPHONICS @pushandrun_uk” BRAND NEW!!