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Bixel Boys - "Black December" [Video Premiere]

Bixel Boys, the rising underground group have been harboring their talent in studios of Los Angeles. Their music showcases their competent LA swag with innovative releases and have secured their success through poppy remixes such as "PYP" and "Blurred Lines".

Ian Macpherson and Rob May today drop accompanying visuals for their mature EP, Black December released on Sweat It Out! The 6-minute captivating beat locks the listener into a roller coaster of peaks and dips. They create a musical trance that seamlessly links the music with the emotional involvement of sports. Laced with a tint of darkness, the music video takes on a mystical theme to support the up-tempo production.  Stupid dope video over an emotionally magnifying beat is all we have to say. 

Bixel Boys will be performing live at the El Rey Theater on January 16th  supporting The Crytstal Method (Live!) Share the EARMILK link with the video to win a pair of tickets!


Dance · Electronic


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