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Nasty Girl - "Notorious B.I.G." (Navy Shade Edit) [Premiere]

Let’s hop in the time machine to the year 2005 when Notorious B.I.G was dropping his Duets: Final Chapter also known as The Biggie Duets. If you are familiar with the album you might remember the raunchy single “Nasty Girl” featuring guest appearances by Jagged Edge, P.Diddy, Avery Storm & Nelly.

Now London’s rookie producer Navy Shade takes on the classic for his fourth release following a track dedicated to Julia Roberts appropriately titled “Julia” and the Luther Vandross sampled track “Oh My Love”. Taking the original melody, Navy Shade gives us a bouncy intro with Biggie’s infamous lyrics “I go” on the reverb. Letting the intro build for over a minute,  he than hits us with the vocals, which he lays seamlessly over his own crafted melody. While it may only be Monday, here is a throwback jam that has been done in proper fashion. Enjoy!



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