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UNO Stereo – "InnerVisions"

UNO Stereo, aka Nic Martin, hails from Sydney, Australia and is packing a punch with his sophomore track "InnerVisions". UNO claims that this song was inspired by the "OG Classic" and it first takes me to Stevie Wonder's album Innervisions. That album had a lot packed inside each track to create one album with a lot to say. Stevie Wonder played around with experimental sounds, new styles of lyrics, all while fusing genres together that had never been on the same track before. With that said, I don't think it is possible to go wrong when being inspired by Stevie Wonder. UNO Stereo's "InnerVisions" has a lot of quality components on its side; the production is up to par and his approach to fusing electronic styles and hip hop together is intriguing. The track features some ghostly lyrics as the bookends of the song and some seriously distorted vocals that may as well be considered part of the song's instrumentation. Clearly not afraid to play around with different musical styles, I'm interested to see what UNO Stereo comes out with next. 





Electronic · Experimental · Hip-Hop


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