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Thanksgiving with Morgan Page, Beltek, & Topher Jones [Interview + Ticket Giveaway]

Holidays, a time to overindulge on all things good (and bit bad). Much like the life of an NFL player, many of the superstar electronic artists spend these celebrations traveling, keeping the music flowing to ever-hungry fans. Though the food-filled feast known as Thanksgiving may not be culturally ubiquitous, the spirit of gratefulness and generosity surrounding it sure is. With this in mind, Morgan Page brings his 3D show to the Bay Area, presenting fans with a chance to win tickets to both his sold out San Jose appearance and the highly-demanded San Francisco concert (buy tickets here).

Along with this, we got a chance to ask Page and his cohorts, Beltek and Topher Jones, about their thanks, favorite food, and life on the road. Enter below to win tickets, then read on to find out more about this trio of turkeys.


EARMILK: What music-related invention from the last 5 years are you most grateful for?
Morgan Page: Dropbox, for backing up my music projects
Beltek: That's easy: better/faster computers that allow you to work faster and make more complex sounds at one time.
Topher Jones: CDJ's...they make touring sooooooo much easier. 
EM: You travel a lot during the holidays. Any interesting experiences?
MP: Holiday travel usually means delays and cancelled flights - so I try to get shows in warm places with reverse seasons like S America and Australia.
BE: There were quite a few actually. I was playing a festival in Maryland in Hagerstown. It was an afternoon festival, so when I finished my set it was around 11pm and there was a group of fans waiting for me just beside the dressing room and they wanted to grab me and go to the afterparty in Washington DC. So we did and it was an amazing experience and made the night even crazier than it already was.
TJ: I haven't had anything too crazy happen during travel of the holidays. Airports are always pretty funny. The world is full of lots of interesting people.
EM: How do you manage to stay sane with each other after weeks on the road?
BE: My life motto is pretty much like this: go with the flow and enjoy life as much as possible. That motto keeps me going wherever I want.
TJ: Haha. We all get along really well. Everyone is pretty laid back and easy going. Everyone needs their time to do their own thing but we all seem to be having a great time so far!
EM: What's one thing you didn't know about the other artists before this tour?
MP: I didn't know Topher had a French alter ego named "Onesie" and that Beltek is obsessed with The Sopranos.
BE: I didn't know that Morgan Page is a huge coffee lover and that Topher has a double personality; one is Topher Jones and the other is a French guy called Onesie.
TJ: I didn't know either of them before the tour started so everything is new to me!
EM: Thanksgiving in America is all about eating. Is there a meal you always have to have when you go home?
MP: You can never skip the stuffing!
BE: Actually there is, yea; a wiener schnitzel, mashed potatoes and some peas. :)
TJ: I am a bit funny with Thanksgiving as a lot of the traditional food doesn't really excite me. I always ask my Mom to make some Mac and Cheese for me which has kind of become a tradition. 
EM: What were you most thankful for when you started your career? What are you most thankful for now?
MP: I'm most thankful for being able to create and play music for a living. I never take it for granted - that, and good health.
BE: At the beginning of my career, the most important thing for me was to get my name out in the music industry, so I was really grateful to Pete Tong for making that happen and introducing me to the big boys in the industry. And now, I'm most thankful to be doing what I love the most and also get a good living out of it. That's one of the most important thing in life, if you ask me; doing what you love the most and being able to do that for as long as possible.
TJ: Being able to do what I love and am passionate about for a living. And still being able to do what I'm passionate about for a living!

Who would have known onesies would be such a hit in 2013? Apparently, Snuggie had it right. We hope you enjoyed this Thanksgiving themed post, and, if you haven't already, enter above to tickets to see these guys live!

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