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Xodiak - "My Soul To Take"

Well, what a week it's been so far for independent label 6J Recordings. The relatively new label, based out of LA, have already premiered the funk-induced debut EP from New York's new kid on the block Art Boy Sin on this very website and at the same time they released the latest album from rising West Coast star, Johnny Rain. No sooner had the dust settled, and the incessant yelps and squeals of delight from fans of both of the aforementioned artists died down, that the label was coming back at us again with more dope music for our ears. Merely a few hours had gone by before we were treated to the debut single from the amazingly talented female vocalist, Xodiak.

For the majority of us, Xodiak will be an unknown name in the ever-expanding music industry, but by the time that the young LA resident bellows out the last note on "My Soul To Take", she'll be the new name on everyone's lips. As far as debut singles go, this one is pretty special. With a pulsating bass line that carries throughout the track, and some down tempo drums to match, Xodiak demonstrates her amazing vocal abilities as she soulfully takes us on a journey through love and relationships, with the kind of storyline a lot of us can relate to. 

As far as first singles go, this is one of the best you'll hear for a while. In the same month that Jhene Aiko released her EP, it's clear to see that a new wave of female vocalists are bringing back those classic R&B vibes, but with a modern day alternative twist. So Xodiak might have been someone that you hadn't heard of before today, but I'm certain she'll be the first name you all look out for from this point forward. I've had no word on a full project from Xodiak just yet but you can stream "My Soul To Take" below and it's also available to buy over on iTunes.

Xodiak Artwork


"My Soul To Take"

  • 6J Recordings
  • 19th November, 2013
Alternative · Electronic · R&B


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