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Untold - "Sing A Love Song"

Holding a solid place in the techno and bass scene for quite a while now, UK producer Untold announced earlier this week the debut of his first full-length album, Black Light Spiral. Set for release on his very own Hemlock imprint, which in turn will also be the label's inauguratory album release, the announcement came along with a teaser.

"Sing A Love Song"  sees the producer dipping his toes into both new and familiar territories. Starting with a thirty second vocal loop that chops up and echoes the words "sing a love song", once the actual instrumentation begins, it feels like anything but a love song. Bass-heavy in usual Untold style, the raw textures of his production is accompanied by some reggae samples that shine through midway when the track reaches its breakdown. Shifting from a turbulent techno demeanor to a 15 second keyboard sample to gather yourself together, once the rumbling starts again, every former element follows and pushes together until the end. Perhaps this track will leave you feeling awake and confused, but it'll probably make more sense in the context of the album. Either way, enjoy this crazy ride.

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