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R/D feat. Angela Seal – "I'm Not Afraid" (Original Mix)

While we’re anxiously awaiting San Franciscan producer R/D’s remix for Kaskade’s Late Night Alumni, the sound-obsessed dubstep talent is giving us an early auditory treat. R/D recently teamed up with Angela Lee Seal, an up-and-coming singer from Athens, Georgia, for the brilliant beacon "I'm Not Afraid". The track’s shimmering melodies and whirling synths perfectly compliment Seal’s poetic lyrics, while her elegant vocals provide a harmonious balance to the heavy beats that drop in just about midway. Think magical fairy cries out for her lover as he fights an adversary with laser beams. The elegantly crafted, club-friendly sound will no doubt leave you feeling fearless.

R/D I'm Not Afraid

R/D feat. Angela Seal

"I'm Not Afraid"

  • Ultra Records
  • 11-12-13
Dubstep · Electronic


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  • @_RD No one will ever comprehend the amount of happiness this just brought into my life.. lol..

    Angela Seal November 14, 2013 12:31 AM Reply

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