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MS MR - "Fantasy" (MØ / Vindahl Remix)

The original “Fantasy” opens with a steady organ drone and Lizzy Plapinger’s vocals.  The layers of vocal harmonies and percussion steadily increasing, taking a full minute to become anthemic with it’s stuttering toms and stomping kicks (in true MS MR fashion).

The MØ / Vindahl remix has its focus on space.  The build is reverbed vocal cut-ups with the occasional pitch shift.  Piano chords ring and faint strings run until the verse gets any play.  Here’s the real gem of the remix: a natural consequence of focusing on Plapinger’s vocals and massive space took the song to a nostalgic pastiche: putting the duo into a Delorean and sending them to 1987, where drum machine claps, smooth synths, and delayed palm-muted guitars are par for the course.  What’s wonderful is that the chorus brings us back to the present with it’s heavy sidechain compression, pitch-shifting drums, and integral sidestick claps.  

You don’t need the flux capacitor for this fantasy. 




"Fantasy" (MØ / Vindahl Remix)

  • 10/21/2013

80's · Electronic · Synth Pop


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  • I like > : #EARMILK : MS MR - "Fantasy" (MØ / Vindahl Remix) - http://t.co/x9YFKE2weI @MOMOMOYOUTH

    Avatar Gabriel Mann October 30, 2013 9:08 PM Reply
  • Man MS MR is a hot band for remixes. But you gotta admit their original stuff is just as good! Take “Thinking of you” for example http://smarturl.it/msmr

    Avatar Ross CMR March 23, 2014 8:00 PM Reply

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