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Flume – "Insane" (Feat. Moon Holiday) (L D R U Remix)

Australian producer Flume arrived with quite a splash last November with his eponymous album.  For a while, you couldn’t find a mix without “Holdin On”.  The track was such a breakout, most people overlooked a lot of great tracks from Flume.  Namely, the blowout track “Insane” with its poetic lyricism, smooth vocal pitches, and impeccable timing.  It’s Crystal Castles meets Apparat.

Thankfully, L D R U is bringing this track back to the limelight in the upcoming release of Flume [Deluxe Edition] on November 12th.  Establishing Moon Holiday’s pitch-shifted vocal cut-ups early with a twenty second introduction and refocusing the spacious synths with a harpsichord-like lead and ticking high hats to stitch together the expansive landscape.  The cut-ups swim in deep-water reverb, swelling, and the house build near the middle is the perfect change in pace to keep things fresh.

Give it a listen.  From the lyrics themselves, “The only risk is that you’ll go insane.”




"Insane" (Feat. Moon Holiday) (L D R U Remix)

  • 10/29/2013

Chillstep · Electronic


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