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Wolf Saga - "Young Folks" (Feat Lemon.) (Cover)

Counterbalancing the Peter Bjorn and John original Wolf Saga has his own interpretation of  "Young Folks" that features an electronic synth-heavy backing to boost the classic into another dimension. The Canadian producer Johnny Saga (Wolf Saga) has become known for his flowing synths that guide his pop-filled style through the finish line and his new cover does not deviate much from this plan.


What makes the reinterpretation truly unique is Saga's ability to move through many different moods throughout; venturing into a enigmatic yet equally buoyant break through the middle of the track that starkly differs an ecstatic finale. All the while the song plays off of an evolving beat and numerous effects to coup all of various emotional moments into a crease-free soundscape. Tac on sultry female vocals (courtesy of Lemon.) to compliment Saga's straightforward take at the male verses and we are left with fruitful vibes. If listeners pay close enough attention they will find that throughout Saga continually eludes to many of the novel melodies that had us all fall in love with the original.

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Pick up a free download of this anything-but stale cover of "Young Folks" from Soundcloud.

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