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Brandy & Monica "The Boy Is Mine" (Kulkid Remix) [Free Download]

Parisian DJ/producer, Thomas Ouf, better known behind the decks as Kulkid has dropped a killer remix of Brandy & Monica’s epic 90’s tune “The Boy is Mine”.  Although he states on social media that he is “born in the forest, raised by animals,” Kulkid is just like the rest of us: born in the 90’s, raised by R&B and Pop.  “The Boy is Mine” (Kulkid Remix) brings back the ever unsolved mystery of the late 90s, who does the boy in fact belong to?

Before I even listen to the track, I am already excited to see what Kulkid can do with one of my favorite childhood ditties.  I hit play and I am immediately impressed with the bouncy, upbeat nu-disco melody he has laid down on this track.  The vocals drop and I am instantly taken back to endless hours of practice choreographing an interpretative dance to this 1998 chart topper with my oldest friends, drawing an ear-to-ear smile on my face.  Kulkid’s remix puts an awesome nu-disco-y, deep house spin on Brandy & Monica’s never-ending battle in love 

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Kulkid TBISM Album Artwork

Brandy & Monica

"The Boy Is Mine" (Kulkid Remix)

In conclusion, Kulkid:

You can not give it up,

I haven’t had enough,

It’s not hard to see

this tune is fine.

Brandy and Monica sent this track to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for 13 weeks straight in 1998. And as it is Thursday, it only makes sense to do this throwback gem justice, and give it some love on Soundcloud and Hype Machine to turn it’s 13 weeks on the charts in ’98 to #1 on the charts in ’13. If you too, want the boy to be yours, he can be with a free download available on Soundcloud.

90's · Dance · Deep House · Nu-disco


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