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Hannah Rodgers - "I Wake" [Video]

Tired of the Monday rush? Wish you had another day to lay in bed with your significant other or to just put your feet up and relax? Let the sounds of Hannah Rogers take you back to those times of leisure, as her latest track "I Wake" emits that very state of mind. While listening to the song, I couldn't help but reminisce on the countless times of being awake before the sun has risen and the serenity that follows. The tracks's stripped back guitar tones and mellow atmosphere allow the listener to conjure feelings of escapism as they float away from their problems, and the video takes things to the next level—revealing a carefree sunrise as the backdrop to Rodger's smooth and tasteful styling.


"I Wake" succeeds in a very minimalistic fashion. By going back and forth between the shots of Rogers and the euphoric landscape, the video keeps things simple and straightforward, two concepts that appear to be apparent within her methods of  musical expression. Make sure you give the video a watch, but don't blame us when these soothing sounds send you back to bed.

Acoustic · Indie


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