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Bart Claessen & Sir Adrian - "Machiavelli"

Dutch artist Bart Claessen has started earning his stripes in the world of melodically led club tracks by adding a special booming quality to them, one that we typically see from Be Yourself Music. But he’s expanded himself a little with his latest release with Sir Adrian entitled “Machiavelli” that’s out today on the Big & Dirty division of Be Yourself (and for good reason, it’s a pretty big track). “Machiavelli” gets a little bit more experimental with the combination of expressive synths used throughout the track. Building the record’s base up with a pulsing and uplifting progressive trance ground, “Machiavelli” dives into some Dirty Dutch and some French house inspired electro breaks. Though the structure of this track might feel pretty standard, the slight tweaks in it are noticeable and refreshing and what led me to really pay attention to Claessen’s exclusively club intended work for the first time despite his resume.

[audio: http://files2.earmilk.com/upload/mp3/2013-10/Machiavelli-(Original-Mix)--EM1013.mp3"]

Stream: Bart Claessen & Sir Adrian - Machiavelli (Original Mix)


Bart Claessen & Sir Adrian

  • Big & Dirty / Be Yourself Music
  • ADR221D


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