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Marbeya Sound - "Semantic Drift" [Video]

Taking a mysterious trip around their home town in Mexico, analog krautrock group Marbeya Sound have recently released a new video for "Semantic Drift," a track off their debut Colonies LP. 

The duo, who met through sheer luck in a lobby one day, manage to evoke emotion and tell an unique story with this music video.  The visuals for the track is divided between a drive through their hometown and their live performance. The city is modern and sleek, and their live performance carries strength and power; they two seem to feed off each other's energy and the music video perfectly accentuates their compatibility as musicians. Bringing everything back down to the basics, Marbeya Sound has all of the power that being in a band holds, while still bringing an unique spin on the every-changing electronic scene. 

Overall, the video holds a simple that adds a dimension of the duo as human beings, placed over the decidedly robotic nature of the electronic-based "Semantic Drift." It's late night drive music at it's very best. 

Their debut LP Colonies, is out now. 


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Marbeya Sound

"Semantic Drift"

  • Fourplanes Records
  • September 24, 2013



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