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Brothers - "New Walls" [Download]

I vividly remember the first time I heard Brothers. It was all reverb, catchy melodies and the grungier side of dream-pop. The next day when I went to investigate the band via the interweb, I was met with the kind of disappointment that can only come from trying to research a new band and finding that they actually have no web presence whatsoever. All I had was a two track, home recorded EP that had the word Brothers carelessly scrawled on it with sharpie.

Now, 2 years later, the Athens, GA locals have put out a new EP, Street Names. It is a 5-track, reverb heavy gem. Think early Local Natives with a DIY aesthetic. The song I present you with today was on the original CD that was bestowed upon me at that first show, and is also the last track off the new EP.  

"New Walls" is a laid back and dreamy track that was recorded, according to their Bandcamp page, “very early in the morning at The Beer Growler in Athens, GA”. Upon hearing it, the resonance of the room is one of the things that make the track so endearing. It’s a sleepy track with pleasant harmonies and an electric guitar that guides you along, steeling the show with its flights and dips. These elements, with the accompaniment of some choice instrumentation, keep the atmosphere faultlessly simple in the best way.


<strong>Download:</strong> <a href="http://files2.earmilk.com/upload/mp3/2013-09/New-Walls--EM0913.mp3"><strong>brothers</strong> - New Walls</a></p>



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