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Dim Mak Sundays @ Create Nightclub Los Angeles

Dim Mak is the Los Angeles-based record label, events company, and apparel line founded by Grammy-nominated international producer/DJ and electronic dance music entrepreneur Steve Aoki. Recently, Dim Mak has joined forces with Insomniac Events, SBE Nightlife Group and yours truly, Earmilk, as an official media partner to launch the new weekly Dim Mak Sundays @ Create - a new diversely curated Sunday night experience at the recently opened Create Nightclub in Hollywood.

The idea behind Dim Mak Sundays is to revive the aesthetic of the classic disco era while paving the way for future trends.   Dim Mak Sundays caters to the tastemakers, night owls, and music aficionados of Los Angeles and the world, encouraging people to once again dance together, to feel comfortable in their new home, and to be carefree for the night.

It was a natural fit to bring Dim Mak Sundays to the all new Insomniac-backed Create, with its scalable space, forward-thinking production, and genre-bending talent lineup.  The new partnership with Insomniac and SBE allows Dim Mak to execute its nightlife vision like never before.  

"We’re excited to make Create nightclub our new Dim Mak Sundays home, and doing this along with family like Insomniac and SBE makes it so much sweeter!" says Dim Mak founder Steve Aoki. “The space is devoted to creativity... creativity in all its forms,” adds Insomniac founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella.


The first night launches this coming Sunday with a diverse lineup that reflects the variety the weekly event will spotlight.  Coming off his most recent 'Past, Present, Felix EP', Felix Cartal headlines the night with his vocal-focused, electro house sound, while German-based house DJ/producer TAI highlights the sexy beats from his upcoming collaboration 'Nuthin’ But Fire EP' featuring BOT from Crookers. ETC!ETC! adds the heavy bass to an already intense lineup. Additionally, partygoers attending opening night of Dim Mak Sundays at Create will have the opportunity to view and decorate the official Dim Mak flying machine, which will be used in competition at this year’s Red Bull Flugtag happening Saturday, September 21 in Long Beach, CA. 

The following week, Dim Mak artist Autoerotique brings his electro genius to Dim Mak Sundays with support from producer Popof. Revered Australian production/DJ duo Yolanda Be Cool comes to Dim Mak Sundays on Sunday, September 29 with support from Matias Aguayo and Overjoy

Dim Mak Sundays will quickly become a favorite lifestyle destination and club/event night for electronic music fans worldwide. The weekly will host a distinct talent pool with acts running the gamut from tastemaker, indie-dance darlings to main room electronic acts, to tomorrows leaders to established and renowned artists.

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