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Door Policy - "Falling" [Video Premiere]

Get ready to free fall 12,000 feet above the beautiful lands of Dubai. The UK production duo, Door Policy, debut their latest video for “Falling,” the third release from their forthcoming EP No Cover Charge. Takura and Bibby are no strangers to action and adventure; on their first release “Growler” they took us to streets for extreme rollerblading and skateboarding antics, now for “Falling” they take us to the high skies.

The duo amps up the adrenaline rush by transporting us half way across the world for another exhilarating collaboration with director James Alderson. They say that when you fall for someone, your stomach starts to perform intricate back flips and those feeling rush throughout your mind and body. Takura’s vocals act as a double entendre created by the visuals, ultimately giving life to the track. The pair explains, “We wanted to create crazy visuals to accompany the track so people aren't just staring at a static YouTube picture, but wanted to do something related to the song without necessarily being too obvious. Jamie Alderson (the director) hit us up on twitter and we showed him our visuals for 'Growler' with skaters pulling insane tricks. He was like, 'We should use skydivers to take a literal view on falling, and just make them go crazy', so we did!"

Even when you think the track is over, DP comes back in to boost the thrill even more. While Takura and Bibby flip and switch up the beat and vocals, Alderson puts the actions in reverse adding even more dynamism to this creative number. James states, “I always push to make an impact with my videos and always try to shy away from the obvious, bringing a whole new feel and meaning to records in the process.” Come along with Door Policy as they take you on a wild adventure through a visual escapade and return you safely back on ground. No Cover Charge is being released as a giveaway on September 10 via All Day Breakfast.

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