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Queen of Hearts - "Secret"

It's no surprise that Queen of Hearts (probably no physical resemblance to the Alice in Wonderland character; I'm sure she's a very nice lady) is slowly making a name for herself in the world of pop music. With last year's electro-pop meets tribal jam "Warrior", the British songstress reveals her diverse talents with "Secret", the bright and addictive chorus-heavy track that'll evoke feelings of partying with your best friends. Where the track excels is with without a doubt in it's lighthearted (excuse the pun) nature and easy going vibes. If you're looking for that song to perfectly capture your future weekend getaway, look no further.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/98377061"]


Queen of Hearts


  • Nightmoves
  • September 9th. 2013
Indie · Pop


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