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Devin Miles - "Some Shxt II" (Prod. Ric & Thadeus)

 If you've been listening to hip hop for quite some time, you'll begin to notice various patterns that occur within the given context (to quote the great Q-Tip " the way that Bobby Brown is just ampin like Michael"). Though 21 year, Pittsburgh native Devin Miles doesn't share any musical resemblance with the aforementioned artists, his loyal fan base is growing at an exponential rate; it wouldn't be crazy to call Miles the next big thing in the game.

Download: Devin Miles - Some Shxt II {Prod. Ric & Thadeus}

Need proof? Check out "Some Shxt II", his latest track with producers Ric & Thadeus. The fluid and witty bars delivered by the rapper compliment the subtle sounding instrumental as Miles kills it with a rapid-fire flow. If you haven't been following this guy, make sure to do it now before he blows up.



Devin Miles

Some Shxt II

  • August 14th, 2013


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