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The Weeknd - "Belong To The World" [Video]

“I’m not a fool, I just love that you’re dead inside / I’m not a fool, I’m just lifeless too,” The Weeknd croons in the haunting new video for the second song off of his debut, Kiss Land, entitled “Belong To The World”. There are traces of humanity never before seen from The Weeknd here, as he implies that somewhere out there, there is a woman as twisted as he is, further implying a sort of empathy. The song, which samples Potishead’s incredible 2008 single “Machine Gun,” doesn’t stray too far from the artist’s typical misogyny, but it is a new direction sonically; it’s not quite as atmospherically dark as previous records and it is far more up-tempo. Still, it manages to feel like a Weeknd song, as his falsetto stars prominently in the leading role.

The video, directed in Japan by Anthony Mandler, finds Abel and several other men in uniform—seemingly making up some organization—taking in a performance. The woman in the video, and the subject of The Weeknd’s attention in the song, turns out to be a succubus of sorts, hypnotizing all of the men into wildly fantasizing about her. She doesn’t belong to any of them, though, she belongs to the world. Check out the video below, and be on the lookout for Kiss Land due out later this year.



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