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TV Ghost - "Elevator"

TV Ghost's sound seems to have grown simultaneously bigger and darker since releasing their debut album, Cold Fish in 2009. The band have consistently demonstrated a strong post-punk influence, but there has always been a certain feeling of recklessness to their music that has set them apart from most other revivalist bands. Accordingly, TV Ghost's particular brand of darkly colored post-punk has always felt more chaotic than methodically theatrical.

On "Elevator," the first single to be released from forthcoming album Disconnect, TV Ghost showcase a more classic, shadowy post-punk sound, with layers of guitar reverb set against singer Tim Gick's echoed vocal delivery. Yet, the band seems to retain that sonic potential for self-destruction that has characterized much of their musical output. Though this explosive characteristic has apparently become slightly more subdued amidst a darker and more generally airy sound on "Elevator," the subtle hints at chaos that the song offers feel almost even more menacing than the all-out abandon that the band has displayed in the past.  

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tv ghost

TV Ghost



  • In The Red
  • July 15, 2013
Indie · Post-Punk


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