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Mr. Oizo - Amicalement [EP]

French producer/disk-jockey/ filmmaker Quentin Depieux, a.k.a. Mr. Oizo, known for charming us both on the big screen and in our ear buds delivers, once again, without disappointing. Recently wrapping up his third film Réalité, his newfound free time leads him to drop another self-released four track EP titled Amicalement. As if that weren’t awesome enough, he marks it at no cost for fans! Yes, you understood correctly; this release is 100% free—le gratuit!

"Unicat" starts us off with that unmistakable Oizo synthesized and axed sound that brings us back to the Moustache days. The kick only gets better towards the end of the track, winding up with a solo/fragmented clap session that cries out for a mini encore. "Solid" features an unlikely collaboration with legendary rock and roller Marilyn Manson that explores a hard knockin’ industrial funhouse that makes me reminisce on the HANDBRAEKES era (the collaborative project he did alongside Boys Noize). 

Stream:Mr OIZO - Unicat

"Waltz–E–More" changes the dancing momentum developing a theatrical union of sound gracefully fusing hip-hop, soul, and electronic without overwhelming us. "Lovin’", a personal favorite, arouses alluring feelings with its crafty vocal/sample chopping and serene synth work. It’s one of those dead simple songs that just-simply-works!

Stream:Mr OIZO - Waltz–E–More

Stream:Mr OIZO - Lovin’

Make sure you download this free release on his very own website oizo3000.com and keep an eye out for the upcoming movie Réalité scheduled to come out later this year (fingers crossed).




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