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Pryda - "Layers"

The pool of Eric Prydz ID tracks seems to be never ending. Between his monikers of Pryda and Cirez D, untitled tracks are nothing new, so much so that fans start to recognize their origin rather than their title.

Such is the case with his latest release, “Layers”. Originally played as an extension of his Chordapella Mix of “Reeperbahn” in this year’s Essential Mix, it has also seen the light on Epic Radio as well as Pete Tong’s weekly show. Even when it debuted as a preview a few weeks back on Prydz's Soundcloud page, it was labeled by the man himself as "Untitled". 

With an instantly recognizable bass groove, the Swede brings in a complete orchestra to give the track an instrumental emotion that is both common and welcomed from Pryda masterpieces. After building up this mid section, he drops back to the simplicity of the bassline funk, and in true fashion, makes an epic progressive house production look easy.

Stream:Pryda - Layers (Original Mix)



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