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Deadmau5 & Kill The Noise - "Killthemau5 moar"

Deadmau5 recently dropped two sides to a untainted gem via SoundCloud, exchanging his trademark trance-like sound for a sporadic take on glitch hop in a collaboration with Kill The Noise. While Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5) has been known to venture off into new dimensions, the versions of the new track, entitled "Killthemau5" and "Killthemau5 moar" seem to be a work in progress, however they possess an infectious sound. 

Surprisingly both takes of the closely knit tracks were posted within four hours of one another, where the former features an electronica intro and light tones to make up a lighter end in comparison to the solely dark vibe in "Killthemau5 moar" which carries an almost industrial feel. In speaking of the initially posted "Killthemau5" Joel stated, "ill pass it back to jake and see whats up." While the comment tied to the second release seems to reference that Jake Stanczak (Kill The Noise) quickly responded, "now with 106% more snare." 

Either way the variants of the new songs are percieved they carry a heavy low end, supported by chugging  bass textures that are broken up within the bounds of a straightforward rhythm section. Who would have thought that Deadmau5 has a knack for grime in his palette?

Comparing the two nearly identical songs begs the question of which of the two releases will make the cut in an official release.

Electronic · Glitch · Industrial


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  • Deadmau5 & Kill The Noise - "Killthemau5 moar": Deadmau5 recently dropped two sides to a untainted gem via Sou... http://t.co/UHGEjvdWbD

    Avatar Andrew May 22, 2013 3:02 AM Reply
  • Deadmau5 & Kill The Noise - "Killthemau5 moar" #prxmusic http://t.co/OVNKgZGarS (@earmilkdotcom)

    Avatar Mohawk K-Y May 22, 2013 9:02 AM Reply
  • Interesting tracks. My money is on Killthemau5 for an official release.

    Avatar Skooter May 22, 2013 11:28 AM Reply
    • And my search is on the Killthemau5 torrent.

      Avatar Lagartija May 22, 2013 5:13 PM Reply
  • RT @earmilkdotcom: #EARMILK : Deadmau5 & Kill The Noise - "Killthemau5 moar" - http://t.co/YuozKFzoHe @deadmau5 @killthenoise

    Avatar dyslexicwriter May 22, 2013 11:46 AM Reply

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