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The Neighbourhood - "West Coast"

The Neighbourhood, with its carefully structured aesthetic, has taken the glitz and glamor stereotype of California and spun it 180 degrees. They've molded and re-molded with each new track a style that is so distinctly from the West Coast, yet so different from the standard sound. 

This new track yet again attempts at a new style, this time bringing some Hip Hop influences into the mix. It's sexy, provocative, and edgy, a kind of California attempt at The Weeknd's dirty R&B. The Neighbourhood have clearly got a certain agenda in their mind. From every black and white music video, to every sound they've produced, they have carefully crafted an image, and with I Love You, their new album, it all becomes clear: They are bringing the LA music scene to the forefront. 

The Neighbourhood are currently on tour, with their next stops being in Santa Ana and San Diego. Their album I Love You, is out now. 



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