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Andrea - Cruising [EP]

It seems like atmospheric, uplifting chillwave has been on the rise in the past year. With the monster birth of new and noteworthy artists like summer-time themed Odesza and 90s R&B influenced Atu, it's only a wonder where this style of music will end up next. Andrea, a producer from Paris, showcases the limitless potential of the new transformation this genre is undergoing. He blends organic sounds and structure with his experimental state of mind to create a whole new breed of chillwave.

Andrea's work swings around like a broken compass. From trap beats to glitch, he somehow condenses heavy-weight electronic styles in a lighter and more volatile fashion.  That's not to say that he can't bang out suave grooves, which are definitely shown in his most recent EP Cruising. The release, which dropped May 12 via Moose Records, exemplifies his creative production without compromising the natural reaction to chill amid the lush textures and layers. I strongly urge you to listen through the EP through and through.  

Play: Andrea - Your Morning (Sun Glitters Remix)

Chillwave · Experimental


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